Wasp Broadhead Hammer Sst - 3-blade Fixed 100gr 1 3-16"3pk

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Wasp broadhead hammer sst 3-blade fixed 100gr 1 3/16"3pk

-3-blade, 100 grain
-1 3/16" cutting diameter
-.027" blade thickness
-One-piece slotted ferrule
-Stainless Smart Tip
-Tough enough to punch through the steel of 10 sections of a 55 gallon drum
-3 pack
-Includes 2 sets of replacement blades

Other Features: Stainless smart tip alignment for better penetration,cut on contact trocar tip,one piece slotted ferrule keeps everything in alignment.027" blades are flexible which allows them to bend not break when contacting bone,cut on contact trocar tip,includes 2 sets of replacement blades