Truglo Bow Sight Carbon Xs - Xtreme 5-pin .019dia Black

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Truglo bow sight carbon xs xtreme 5-pin.019dia black

-Ultra-lightweight carbon-composite construction - weighs less than 4.2 oz.
-Unique PRO•BRITE™ pin design for increased durability and brightness
-TRU•FLO™ Fiber Design
-Extra-long fibers for maximum brightness
-Reversible bracket for greater vertical adjustability
-Adjustable for left & right-handed shooters
-Glow-in-the-dark shooter's ring is aligned with the outer aperture ring for improved peep alignment
-TRU•TOUCH™ Soft-Feel Technical Coating

Other Features: Lightweight carbon composite, 4.2oz,tru touch soft coating, glow in the dark shooters ring ,extra long fibers for maximum brightness,universal rh or lh xtra long bracket increases sight radius and is reversable for increased vertical adjustment,unique metal pin for increased durability