Grim Reaper Broadhead Razortip - Xbow 3-blade 100gr 1 1-2" Cut

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Grim reaper broadhead razortip xbow 3-blade 100gr 1 1/2" cut

-Razortip stainless steeltip
-Designed specifically for high-speed crossbows
-Tested field point accurate at speeds over 400 FPS to 100 yards
-Blades stay closed even at fast speeds
-100 grain
-1 1/2" cut
-3 blade
-3 pack

Other Features: Patented mini-tip blades that greatly enhance penetration,.035" thick 440 ss blades combined w/aircraft grade alluminum ferule for toughness designed specifically for high -speed crossbows,tested field point accurate @ 400fps to 100 yards,made in the usa,3/pack