Carlsons Choke Tube Cremator - 12ga Ported C-range Invect Ds

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Carlsons choke tube cremator 12ga ported c-range invect ds

-12 Gauge
-Extended choke
-Constriction: Close Range
-Diameter: .735
-Fits Browning Invector DS
-Triple Shot Technology of three graduated rings in the parallel section of the choke,
that allow a more gradual transition from the shotgun bore to the final constriction.
-Reduced pellet deformation
-Shortened shot string
-Less flyers
-Ported for reduced muzzle jump & recoil

Other Features: Triple shot technology of 3 graduated rings in parallel section of the choke that allow a gradual transition to final restriction reduces pellet deformation, shortens shot string,& fewer flyers.Fits browning invector ds