Bianchi #6 Waistband Sz7 Iwb - Ruger Lcp .380 & Smilar Rust

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Bianchi #6 waistband sz7 iwb ruger lcp.380 & smilar rust

-This IWB holster is made of a soft suede w/ an open top for quick access to the weapon
-The ultra lightweight design lets you tuck a gun inside the waistband without having to worry about it falling
down the pant leg.
-The heavy duty spring-steel clip holds the holster firmly to the belt or waistband for a secure draw.
-Rust suede
-Size 7
-Ruger LCP .380 or similar

Other Features: Hi-ride strongside or crossdrw open muzzle/ hd steel clip ruger lcp.380/colt govrmnt walther pp/ppk/ppks