Bianchi #5 Black Widow Sz10 - Colt 1911 & Similar Tan

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Bianchi #5 black widow sz10 colt 1911 & similar tan

-Plain Tan
-Fits small/medium frame revolvers & medium/large frame semi-autos
-Compact profile for excellent concealability
-Dual belt slots for superior stability
-Open muzzle design allows various barrel lengths
-Ultra hi-ride for comfort & concealability
-Double stitchedfor strength & durability
-Fits 1.75" (45mm) belt slots

-Browning Hi-Power
-Colt: Commander, Delta Elite, Gold Cup, Government, Officers' ACP
-Detonics: Combat Master .45
-Kimber: Custom II, Custom Target II, Ultra Carry II, Pro Carry
-Llama: IXA
-Para-Ordnance P12, P13, P14, P16
-S&W: 1911
-Springfield: 1911-A1, 1911
-Star: AS

Full List of Fits:

Other Features: Fits browning hi-power colt commander, delta elite gold cup, government, and officers acp detonics combat master 45 kimber custom 2, ultra carry 2 para p12, p13, p14, p16 s&w 1911 springfield 1911-a1 star as