Bianchi 101 Foldaway Sz10 - Colt 1911 & Similar Black

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Bianchi 101 foldaway sz10 colt 1911 & similar black

-Plain Black
-Right Hand
-Fits small/medium/large frame semi autos
-Minimalist design fits many different gun models
-Design catches and holds trigger guard to help keep weapon secure and stable
-Can be folded away onto the belt when not in use for inconspicuous appearance
-Keeps as close to the body as possible without being an IWB holster
-Fits up to 1.5" (38mm) belt widths
-Available in full grain leather

-Browning: Hi-Power
-Colt: Government 1911, Commander, Officers' ACP
-Diamondback: DB9
-Kahr: K40, MK9, PM9, P380
-Kimber: Custom II, Pro Carry, Ultra Carry
-S&W: Sigma .380, M&P Shield 9mm
-Springfield: 1911 (4", 5"), EMP 9mm, XD-S .45 ACP
-Taurus: Millennium TCP

Full List of Fits:

Other Features: Fits colt 1911, commander, officers acp kahr k40, mk9, pm9, p380 kimber custom ii, pro carry ultra carry s&w sigma 380, m&p shield 9mm springfield 1911 (4+5") emp 9 xd-s,.45acp/browning hi power diamondback db9 taurus millennium tcp